Shark Pictures and Videos

Blacktip Shark

The Blacktip Shark is the most common shark we catch on our Shark Fishing Charters. Known to leap and spin while on the line, they will give you a fight you won't forget!

Bull Shark

We normally catch juvenile Bull Sharks in the 3-5 foot range, but on occasion we will hook into a massive Bull Shark that will offer you the fight of a lifetime! No for the faint at heart!

Tiger Shark

By far the largest sharks we hook on our charters. Tiger Sharks are the most common big shark we catch with sizes ranging from 5 - 12 Feet. We have caught multiple Sharks approaching the 1,000 pound range .

Hammerhead Shark

Probably the least common of the bigger sharks we catch, these unique looking sharks are always a welcome sight. Every season a few anglers are lucky enough to hook one.

Will you be one of the lucky clients who catch one?

Bonnethead Shark

A smaller version of the full size Hammerhead shark, these sharks are much more plentiful and are aggressive eaters in the shallow water. This Bonnethead Shark was tagged and released as part of The Gray Fish Tag Research Program.


Just one of the many species you might catch on one of our fishing charters. These hard fighting fish are known to swim with sharks and provide excellent table fare if a keeper size is caught.

Gag Grouper

We are fortunate to have a healthy population of Gag Grouper in our shark fishing locations. It is not uncommon to catch a keeper Grouper on one of your fishing charters.

Spanish Mackerel

One of the coolest looking fish we catch, these voracious eaters visit our chum line in schools and put up a great fight! The perfect fish for anglers of all ages and skill levels!


One of the strongest and most athletic fish on the water. A tarpon is true trophy fish! Although tough to keep on the line, every year a few lucky anglers get to fight the fish of a lifetime!

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